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FLAVOR! is a series of culinary events taking place in some of Kansas City’s most fascinating residences and spaces. The region’s newest signature event, FLAVOR! will raise critical funds to support Thrive Health Connection’s programs and services for people affected by HIV.

Dinners begin late June and run through early November. Events range in size from 6-90 guests with tickets ranging from $25 to $175.

More than a fundraiser, FLAVOR! is a way to meet new people while enjoying incredible cuisine in some of KC’s most interesting residences and spaces. FLAVOR! events are as intimate as they are eclectic – all with you in mind.

We hope you’ll reserve a space to as many events as you like.

And we want you to know that FLAVOR! hosts are incurring 100% of the costs of their events. That means 100% of your ticket purchases will lay the foundation for building new, innovative programming for those Thrive Health serves such as in-house wraparound services like mental health counseling, legal services, and raising funds for a feasibility study to do a coffee shop offering workforce training to those the organization serves. These services will ensure Thrive Health clients receive not only the health services they need, but opportunities to be self-sufficient.

So please join us for an exquisitely FLAVOR!-ful and deeply intimate experience.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Caroline Huffman here or at 816.778.0785.

Bon Appetit!


What is FLAVOR! ?

FLAVOR! is a series of themed dining experiences taking place in some of Kansas City’s most fascinating homes and venues. Generous hosts and chefs open their homes and restaurants producing everything from a regionally-inspired seated dinner to a lavish backyard soirée. Let your imagination run wild!

When is FLAVOR! ?

These unique dining experiences kick off in September and run through October. Tickets start as low as $25 and run as high as $175.

How is FLAVOR! organized?

Thrive Health Connection staff will assist in every step, start to finish. Thrive Health Connection staff and FLAVOR! co-chairs  Jonathan Gregory and John Escalada will work with you to plan your dining experience. Thrive Health Connection will promote FLAVOR! through a targeted marketing campaign, manage every aspect of the online guest registration and ticketing process, and provide hosts and guests with whatever support they need to ensure that your dining experience is enjoyed by guests and hosts alike.

Thrive Health Connection staff will work with dinner hosts to select a dinner date and provide thematic ideas with a goal to spread the dining experiences evenly across the series. Hosts are asked to allow a Thrive Health Connection representative to attend their dining experience and speak briefly about Thrive Health Connection.

What are my responsibilities as a host?

Hosts are asked to assume responsibility for all costs associated with the dining experience — food, beverage, catering, entertainment, etc. If requested, Thrive Health Connection will gladly provide you a letter for your in-kind donation. All proceeds go to support Thrive Health Connection. A regional healthcare leader and influencer, Thrive Health Connection provides inclusive, holistic, and integrated health and wellness services to individuals affected by HIV & other STIs, LGBTQ communities, and those seeking a welcoming and affirming health & community center.

We also ask that you provide Thrive Health Connection with digital pictures of your home or venue. We want to ensure your event is a success and photos are helpful in promotions. Additionally, we ask that you help us get the word out about your event through social media and word of mouth.

Thrive Health Connection is happy to help you promote your event within your social circles. If this is something you prefer, please provide your guest list with e-mails and we will ensure they receive your invitation.

How are tickets sold?

Tickets to most dinners will be made available to the public including a community of Thrive Health Connection supporters. Descriptions of these “public” dinners will be promoted on the FLAVOR! website that will be promoted in a comprehensive social marketing campaign.

Alternatively, some hosts may choose to manage their own invitation list, work with Thrive Health Connection to set a fundraising goal, and then raise funds directly from their guests at the dinner. Hosts of these “Private” dinners are recognized in the catalog but no specific information about their dinner is mentioned. If you plan to host a larger “Private” dinner, and would like additional support from Thrive Health Connection Staff, then we ask that you coordinate with us early so we can adequately accommodate your event’s needs.

Contact Caroline Williams at chuffman@thrivehealthkc.org or 816.778.0785 with any additional questions.